Installed in 2014 with Focal speakers, Kenwood ampls and JL Audio sub.

55 Chevy Wagon
Installed in 2012 with full JL Audio right down to the wiring.

Toyota Rav4
Installed in 2011 with Kicker and a Custom Sub Enclosure.

2013 BRZ
Installed in 2014 Focal speakers, amplifier and JL Audio StealthBox.

Installed in 2012 with Alpine speaker, subs and JL Audio amplifiers.

Installed in 2010 with an all Alpine setup.

32 Ford 3 Window
Installed in 2013 with Focal, JL Audio and Clarion.

Mazda 3
Installed in 2011 with a full Clarion setup.

2002 Jetta
Installed in 2010 with JL Audio amplifier,speakers,subs,Alpine HU.

48 Ford
Installed in 2013 for the Atlantic Nationals Giveaway, Clarion Setup

Sonic Doom
Installed in 2011 with Kicker for the Audio and NESA for the video.